Our Story

SC founders


Studio Cosplay began in 2014 with a few of us Washington DC-area cosplayers who had worked on cosplay projects in our own homes, struggling to find space to use fabrication tools, spread out fabric, or spray paint props without freezing on the fire escape. Cosplayers have all been there, right?  We recognized the need for a spacious, safe, conveniently-located workshop for cosplayers to make costumes and props while socializing, collaborating, and learning new techniques.  In 2015 we successfully crowdfunded the setup of a first-of-its-kind "cosmakerspace", or cosplay-themed community workshop, for our community and it opened in Silver Spring, MD to members later that year.  We've also partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters National Capital Area to develop a unique cosplay program for youth.  When we're not hard at work making our cosplay studio the best place possible for our members, we can usually be found at local conventions presenting cosplay education panels or at our booth running our popular cosplay repair station.  Take a look at our FAQs to see what our makerspace is all about, and check the home page for events and classes!



Liz Gmaz, President

Liz Gmaz is an actress and cosplayer in the DC Metro Area and brings stage and film experience, as well as combat and stunt experience, to convention panels to help educate in posing, makeup, gun discipline, and more. She has been a costume designer for over six years and is one of the Founders of Studio Cosplay. She’s an avid Podcaster and Marvel Funko Pop Collector. Liz has been featured on multiple media outlets for her Cosplay work and has appeared on many popular TV shows, including House of Cards. You can find Liz at: www.facebook.com/ElizabethGmaz


Sabrina Maizland, Vice President

Sabrina Maizland has been cosplaying for five years and her Emma Frost has been featured on the front page of CNN.com. She is a Founder of Studio Cosplay and has been a panelist at many conventions, including San Diego Comic Con, Pheonix Comicon, and Dragon*Con. Her Worbla safety tutorial is published on Worbla.com and she is a sponsored Cosplayer by Indie game developer FrogDice. Sabrina was also the Set Designer for the charity film “Browncoats: Redemption,” which was endorsed by Joss Whedon. She can be found on www.facebook.com/katilistcosplay.


Sasha Li, Treasurer

Welcome, Sasha!  [Bio coming soon!]


Stefanie Hackenberg, Secretary, Program Manager

Stefanie Hackenberg has been cosplaying since 1998, and has been featured on prominent media outlets such as CNN and io9. She is a Studio Cosplay Founder with experience in multiple media such as thermoplastics, leatherwork, wood, found objects and other materials.  When Stefanie is not role-playing someone else she is a Reiki Master-certified energy therapist, Certified Wine Professional, avid video gamer, and a proud all-around nerd.  Stefanie can be found at www.facebook.com/FaeriesWearBootsCosplay.


Daria Medved, Creative Director

Daria Medved is a Founder of Studio Cosplay with over 20 years of costuming experience. Her first cosplay was featured in Animerica, she won Best Armor at Dragon*Con’s Dawn Look-Alike contest, and has a comic book issue devoted to her. To support herself through college, she owned and operated a successful cosplay boutique, filling numerous costume commissions for the 501st Legion. Daria specializes in pattern making, leather working, wig styling, prop making, resin, and sewing. She also Chairs Japan Now for DC’s Sakura Matsuri Festival and fights in her own costumes for Dagorhir. Find Daria at www.facebook.com/DashaCosplay