Extra special thanks to our Kickstarter campaign backers who helped to make Studio Cosplay's makerspace possible! We could not have done it without your generosity.

A. Kristobek
Allison Carswell
Allyn Gibson
Amit Chauhan
April Foster
Aurora Celeste
AVY Cosplay
B.P. Massa
Bill Feero
Brian Dettling / Stage Armament Solutions
Brian McLaughlin
Brittany E.
Brittney Lewis
Brynna Hammel
C. Illanes
Caren Chancey & Stephen Stewart
Carly Kennedy
Chana Goldberg
Charles Andersen
Cherie Plevek
Chris Presley
Christine Mooney
Christopher Acree
Collin 'Cricket' Brooks
Conundrum Comics
Cory R.
Cosplay Group of Awesome
Cosplay in America
Crisp Point LLC
Cristina "MinnieMay9" Frerking
Curtis Weakley
D. D. Wood
Daniel Bartkowski
Danielle de Montbrun
Darren "Kung-fu Thunder" Tang
Dave Russell
David J. Klempa
David Plummer
Dawn Calderon
Deirdre & Charles Holder
Dennis Yau
Devjani H. Mishra
Elena Medved
Foxy Roxy's Cosplay Forge
Frank Gargiulo and Stevie Klinginsmith
Full Crow Moon
Gregory Clinton
Gustav the swede
Hal Black
Hope Maizland
J. Day
J. Gatchalian
Jaclyn Michelle Maizland
Jarel Jones
Jeff "The Mighty Jerd" Mueller
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Jerome Lecomte
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Niche Thevarajah
Nicole & Daniel Andres
Noah and Bonnie Borin
NYC Assassin
Old Man
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Polkadot Cute
Rick Jermain
Robbie Foster
Samantha Ghormley
Sara van Eerde
Sarah Alspach
Scott "Akin" Atkins
Scott Rosenkranz
Sean Croyle
Sema Yüksel
Shaded Areas Illustration
Skydance MacMahon
Spirit Kitten
Stephanie Lynn Cahill
Steve Fisher
Steve Sheets
Technoangel Studios
Tim Hackenberg
Tim Longley
Tracy Vivlemore
We Could Be Heroes
Wendell C. Smith Sr

Much gratitude to our amazing partners, contest winners, and volunteers for helping to make Studio Cosplay go!

As always, big thanks to our enthusiastic volunteers who spend time working at our convention/festival booths! We appreciate your time, effort, and help with promotion!


We love Amanda C. and the adorable mascot she created for us in our contest!

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A big thank you to Miranda Roper of Miramay Cosplay for all her graphic design work! She is fantastic.

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A huge thanks to Rockstar Film Company for all their work on our videos.

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