03/2016 -- Rachel Kaufman of the DCist talks about Studio Cosplay, the first makerspace of its kind - by cosplayers, for cosplayers.

12/2015 -- The Ray, Tim, and Rob Show sat down with our team member Stefanie at The Boy Scout Troop 501's Star Wars Days Event to talk about Studio Cosplay, our unique cosplay makerspace, our programs, and the cosplay scene during their web show.

08/2015 -- Our team member Stefanie was fortunate to chat briefly (9:40) with Ejen from Cosplay in America at GenCon‬ this past weekend to discuss how the world's first ever ‪‎cosplay‬ makerspace is coming along since our Kickstarter campaign in February! Great video on the increasing presence of cosplay at GenCon!

06/2015 -- Big Rick from ComicWow was kind enough to stop for a quick interview at our AwesomeCon booth.

05/2015 -- Daria & Stefanie from the SC team had a delightful evening chatting with Brent and Evan from Otalku, covering topics ranging from what Studio Cosplay is about, our Kickstarter campaign, how we got started as a non-profit and as cosplayers, favorite costumes, future plans, and more!
Part 1:

Part 2:

03/2015 -- Thanks to TotallyAFan for a shout-out on his blog!

03/2015 -- Comics and Cosplay,  an online place for news and reviews about games, comics, movies, TV, & cool geek pop culture, published our story about Studio Cosplay and our plans to open "The First Ever Makerspace Centered on Cosplay: Meet Studio Cosplay."

03/2015 -- ComicsDC shared our recent press release on their blog.

03/2015 -- The popular nerd lifestyle magazine Nerd Caliber published our cautions about the "Top 5 Dangers of Making Costumes at Home" and how Studio Cosplay's makerspace is a great solution for these hazards.

03/2015 -- Cosplay Connect University, a one-stop cosplay blog,  was kind enough to talk with our team about how we started Studio Cosplay, what we plan to do for the cosplay community, and our current Kickstarter campaign:  "A SIMPLE NOTION: STUDIO COSPLAY"

03/2015 -- Some of our team sat down with the gracious Special K for the Black Flag Cast podcast to talk about Studio Cosplay and our Kickstarter campaign that ends 3/15/15:  "A SPACE FOR COSPLAYERS- MY INTERVIEW WITH STUDIO COSPLAY"

03/2015 -- Women Write About Comics features their "Kickstarter of the Week: Studio Cosplay"

03/2015 -- Excellent article by Share My Cosplay, a place to find some of the coolest cosplay out there, which introduces Studio Cosplay and talks about the support we've been getting on our Kickstarter, at local conventions, and beyond:  "Share My Cosplay Article: Studio Cosplay Kickstarter"

02/2015 -- GeekMom tested, GeekMom approved.

02/2015 -- Yay! GeekDad posted a wonderful "Kickstarter Alert about Studio Cosplay" and has been a real Studio Cosplay champion on Twitter!

02/2015 -- Cosplay in America included us in this fantastic video recap of Katsucon 2015 at our table where we debuted our super-successful Cosplay Repair Station!

02/2015 -- The lovely Arda Wigs, makers of some of the best cosplay wigs anywhere, posted a call to action for "Studio Cosplay: A Non-Profit Cosplay Makerspace is on Kickstarter!"

02/2015 -- Our crowdfunding campaign seems to be catching the attention of a few buzz-tracking sites!  The Crowdfunding Centre, Inagist, Sidekick, Kicktraq, & Kickspy just to name a few.

02/2015 -- "Kickstarter >> Studio Cosplay: A Makerspace by Cosplayers for Cosplayers by Studio Cosplay", distributed by sNEWSi, mentions our Kickstarter campaign.

02/2015 -- Pop Culture Uncovered, a blog "for all things geeky including comics, movies, gaming and more," posted "Liz Gmaz Presents: Studio Cosplay" in their Con Talk: Cosplay Life segment and reference our successful Cosplay Repair Station at our Katsucon table.

02/2015 -- "Studio Cosplay Breaks New Ground With Cosplay Makerspace" by the comprehensive blog Blizzplanet who covers popular Blizzard games such as "World of Warcraft", "Diablo", "Starcraft", "Hearthstone" and others, raises awareness of Studio Cosplay's mission and 2/13/15 Kickstarter campaign, asking the question "Wouldn't it be nice to be able to create your first cosplay costume, or enhance your skills with top-of-the-line tools and materials; and talk and have fun with likeminded cosplayers while building your next project?"  Indeed it would!  Blizzplanet also posted a shout-out on Twitter.

Blizzplanet follow-up feature:  "Studio Cosplay reaches 40% of Kickstarter Goal" mentions our crowdfunding progress after the first week of the Kickstarter campaign!

02/2015 -- "Studio Cosplay - A Makerspace for Cosplayers" by We Be Geeks, an online source for all things Geek, covers the who-what-when-where-why-how of Studio Cosplay.

02/2015 -- "Studio Cosplay Changes Cosplay" distributed by PR Log, discusses Studio Cosplay and its upcoming plans.

02/2015 -- "Studio Cosplay Breaks New Ground With Cosplay Makerspace" distributed by iNewsWire, discusses Studio Cosplay and its upcoming plans.

01/2015 -- "Studio Cosplay is Creating a Unique Space in the DC Metro Area" by The Rogers Review, a D/M/V area arts & entertainment online magazine, provides a great overview of Studio Cosplay.

01/2015"Studio Cosplay Google Hangout" is a casual impromptu video chat between 3/4 of our team and the eclectic cosplay blog where we describe who Studio Cosplay is, what we do, why we're doing it, where we're looking to set up shop, and how we plan to do all this.

12/2014 – "An Interview With Liz Gmaz of Studio Cosplay" by Muse Hack - Geek Applied, a site that covers all things geek in various aspects of life, is an informative sit-down with president Liz Gmaz who describes Studio Cosplay's story and our future plans.  Muse Hack also posts about it on Twitter.

12/2014 – Cosplay in America gives Studio Cosplay an introductory social media shout-out in this tweet.

11/2014 -- "Makerspaces" by Cosplay in America neatly defines what a makerspace is and mentions a few in the US that can accommodate cosplayers -- particularly the first "cosplay-dedicated Makerspace called Studio Cosplay in Washington DC..."!

March 13, 2015


Studio Cosplay Partners with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the National Capital Area for Youth Cosplay Program


Washington, D.C.- Studio Cosplay Inc, a community non-profit promoting the art of Cosplay, is excited to announce they will be partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the National Capital Area to create a unique cosplay mentoring program.  Cosplay is an art form that involves designing, creating and wearing costumes of one’s favorite superhero, TV or literary character, or self-made character.  Cosplay develops such skills as project budgeting, pattern making, sewing, using light power tools, painting, and 3D printing. “Wearing a costume that you made yourself is fun for all ages and is a great way to develop self confidence in one’s appearance and abilities,” says Sabrina Maizland, V.P of Studio Cosplay.

The joint program with Big Brothers Big Sisters National Capital Area will be the first of its kind and allow youths and their Big Brother / Big Sister mentors to create and showcase their own costume in Studio Cosplay’s upcoming Cosmakerspace.  Elizabeth Gmaz, Studio Cosplay’s President stated “We are very excited at the opportunity to team with Big Brothers Big Sisters National Capital Area and hope that we can play a role in providing a program that will enrich lives. The opportunity to share our art form with young people is a great joy to us and part of our organization’s mission.”

Studio Cosplay is currently running a crowdfunding campaign to build the space and pay for equipment. Their Cosmakerspace will be a community workshop in the DC area where people interested in costuming and cosplay can have tools, equipment, education, collaboration, and a safe area to work on their creations. Studio Cosplay supporters have already donated over 36 months of memberships to youth in the DC area who might not otherwise have a chance to experience Cosplay. Big Brothers Big Sisters of the National Capital Area is the perfect partner for identifying youth who would best benefit from this donation. Studio Cosplay is matching these donations to allow Big Brother and Big Sister mentors to accompany youth to the space and is including classes and materials as part of the program.

You can still contribute to this project. Studio Cosplay’s Kickstarter campaign is running through Sunday March 15, 2015 at 3:30PM. They are also accepting donations for materials and tools. Studio Cosplay is a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible. Back them through or visit their website to donate through Paypal.

January 28, 2015


Studio Cosplay Breaks New Ground With Cosplay Makerspace


Fairfax, VA -- Studio Cosplay, a Washington DC area-based non-profit, is changing the world of cosplay and makerspaces. In 2015 it plans to offer the best of both worlds by opening the first community workshop by cosplayers for cosplayers.

With multiple stations catering to making and displaying costumes, armor, and props, the types of equipment provided will include sewing, painting, fabricating, wig styling, 3D printing and more. Photographers will also have the use of a green screen.

The studio will offer hands-on classes for cosplayers across all skill levels, ranging from sewing to photo shoots to working with thermoplastics.

"Cosplay is my passion; my outlet for creativity; my getaway from the mundane, said Daria Medved, a founding member of the organization. “I've been sewing and creating cosplays for almost two decades and I am so excited to make a space where I can share my passion with others."

The group also provides emergency repair support at fandom conventions nationwide, most recently a big hit at Katsucon, where members can glue up, stitch up, finish up, and rest up before diving back into the crowd.

To meet the needs of interested cosplayers and to fund subsequent years of operation the organization will offer multiple "cosmakerspace" membership tiers.

Studio Cosplay’s mission is to promote community through the art of costuming by providing workspace, opportunity, and education. The organization’s founders, Liz Gmaz, Stefanie Hackenberg, Sabrina Maizland and Daria Medved, are themselves cosplayers who saw a need in the cosplay community for a place where cosplayers can go to work on their projects, meet other cosplayers, learn how to make costumes and props, and expand their artistic expression. Their Kickstarter campaign to cover the workshop’s first year of expenses launched successfully in mid-February and was an immediate Kickstarter Staff Pick. The campaign closes on March 15th and the team only needs to raise 23% of the remaining funds in that time. Once the first workshop is successfully established Studio Cosplay plans to expand to other geographies, so even people outside of the DC area have a vested interest in helping the Kickstarter to succeed.

People interested in backing the project can go to:

For more information or to schedule an interview, contact Studio Cosplay at:


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