Q:  How did you get started?

A:  Our Kickstarter campaign launched February 13, 2015 at Katsucon and concluded successfully on March 15th with a total of $31,480 raised by 441 backers for start-up costs and operating expenses for our first year’s expenses.  This amount included the physical space (rent, utilities, etc.), equipment (machines, tools, furniture, etc.), security / safety (site access, respirators, etc.), and administrative costs (website, insurance, Kickstarter rewards, etc.). We were fortunate to achieve many of our stretch goals in the final days of the campaign, including airbrushing equipment, an additional 3D printer, a bigger space, and a programmable embroidery machine.  You can still contribute to the cause by making a tax-deductible donation via PayPal or by donating equipment, resources, and your time -- contact us through the form below or send us an email.


Q: What kind of equipment do you have in the space?

A: Our sewing station has multiple types of sewing machines, an embroidery machine, a commercial manual embroidery machine that can be used for leatherworking, a large cutting table, a commercial steam press, an ironing board and irons.

Our fabrication station has a heat gun, heat knife, (non-heating) cutting tools, and a variety of light carpentry tools. There is an aluminum table at the station to safely work with heat tools.

Our tech room has 2 different 3D printers, a 2D printer, and a computer for the peripherals. The embroidery machine and a private changing room with full-length mirrors are also in the tech room.

We have a well-ventilated painting and sanding room that includes painting materials, a professional airbrushing kit, and drying racks for painted pieces.

We also have tools for wig styling, a classroom area, and a photography area.

There are also multiple first aid kits and safety materials in the space.

We even have a lounge and snack area if you just want to hang out!


Q:  What hours are you open to members?

A:  For adults 18 years and older access to the space is available 24/7/365 with the exception of times when an event or class is taking place in the space.  Minors are welcome to use the space when accompanied by an adult and during limited hours.


Q:  What do cosmakerspace memberships cost?

A:  One month membership    $50

Three month membership    $140

Six month membership    $250

Photographer Membership    $25/hr



Q:  What if I want to bring a friend?

A:  You’re welcome to schedule a time for a friend over 18 years old to accompany you to use the workshop after they:

- Purchase a Day Pass for $20

- View our Safety Orientation video and sign an acknowledgement that you watched and understood it

- Sign a liability waiver

They only need to watch the video and sign a waiver once, but they’ll need to get a Day Pass each time they visit.


Q:  I’m curious about the space but can I get a tour before I decide on a membership?

A:  Sure!  Email us at or via the contact form below and let us know your availability; one of our team members will get in touch to schedule a date and time.


Q:  I am interested in learning __________________, do you have that kind of class available?

A:  If you don’t see it on the class schedule on our home page trust that we’re looking for knowledgeable teachers with expertise in that area to provide a class in that subject area soon.  We are always grateful for suggestions!


Q:  I would like to offer my expertise in ________________ to teach classes.

A:  Great!  Send an email to or via the contact form below and let us know what kind of experience you have with that material or technique, provide us with some examples of your work or your social media page or website, and describe anything else you'd like us to know about you.


Q:  I am the facilitator for a local club -- can we use your space for our own meetups?

A:  We’d love to get more information about your club and talk with you about how to do that!  Email us at or via the contact form below, let us know a little about what your club does, when you meet up, if there are dues you charge members, how many generally attend your meetups, and what your needs are, and a member of our team will get in touch with you to discuss logistics and costs.


Q:  I got a membership/class via the Kickstarter but I’d like to give it to someone else.  Is that possible?

A:  Send us an email at or via the contact form below with the information you provided in your KS survey as well as the person’s contact information and we can likely work something out.